30 DMC: Day 1

As a start of the new year I decided to participate in The 30 Days Music Challenge, starting today. This means at least one post per day until the end of the month! My first thought was that the challenge shouldn’t be too difficult for me, but already spotted a couple of days which will get me in trouble… Well, let’s see what happens!

The basic rules of The 30 Day Music Challenge are:

Day 1 – Favourite Album
Day 2 – Worst Album
Day 3 – Last Album You Listened To
Day 4 – First Album You Ever Bought
Day 5 – Last Album You Bought
Day 6 – Favourite Album as a child
Day 7 – Least Favourite Album of your Favourite Artist
Day 8 – Favourite album cover
Day 9 – Worst Album cover
Day 10 – Favourite Rock Album
Day 11 – Favourite Pop Album
Day 12 – Favourite Rap Album
Day 13 – Favourite Jazz Album
Day 14 – Album title that describes your personality

Day 15 – Album You used to love but now hate
Day 16 – Album you’ve listened to most in your li
Day 17 – Album you like that everyone hates
Day 18 – Album you hate that everyone likes
Day 19 – Go to your mp3 collection, put all music shuffle on and skip through 3 songs – list the Album the 3rd song is from
Day 20 – Favourite Album From the 60’s
Day 21 – Favourite Album From the 70’s
Day 22 – Favourite Album From the 80’s
Day 23 – Favourite Album From the 90’s
Day 24 – Favourite Album From the 00’s
Day 25 – Favourite Album of 2014                                             
Day 26 – Worst Album of 2014                                                      
Day 27 – Album You’ve Listened To Most Lately
Day 28 – An Album You Listen To When You’re Angry
Day 29 – An Album You Listen To To Relax
Day 30 – Choose an album, any album! It’s your last day! Congratulations if you got this far!

So, let’s start!

Day 1 – Favourite Album: Type O Negative – October Rust

The Album Cover is from Wikipedia
The Album Cover is from Wikipedia.

Type O Negative has been one of my favourite bands through the years, for almost 15 years. There’s been times when I’ve forgotten the band for awhile, but eventually returned to this album, and the songs work every time! October Rust is Type O Negative’s fourth studio album and was released already in 1996! The songs like Wolf Moon, Be My Druidess and Love You to Death are my favourites. And of course the big hit, My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend. Also, I was lucky to witness Type O’s live show in Tuska Open Air festival in Helsinki in 2003.

It was really a tough decision to pick just one favourite album. I like music in broad scale and different kind of genres. Sometimes my favourite depends on my mood, the day, what I’m doing at that moment etc. In addition to the TON album, I have to mention my all time favourite Moonspell album called Darkness and Hope, Motley Crüe – Saints of Los Angeles and Edguy – Hellfire Club. And tomorrow my opinion can already be changed!

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