30 DMC: Day 9

Day 9 – Worst Album cover

This was actually a funny one, because of there’s so much terrible (and hilarious) cover art out there! Just google “terrible album covers”, choose picture search and you know what I mean! I might have laughed a bit at the results of that search… But I decided to choose worst album covers among the albums I listen or have somewhat listened to. As it was earlier, this decision didn’t come easy to me either, but here’s the top 3:

Worst Covers Collage

  1. Iron Maiden – Dance of Death. Was the graphic designer just too eager to try out 3D modelling before learning how to use it?? Just take a look at the awkward positions the people are in! Besides crappy design, it’s not the style of Iron Maiden at all. But luckily the songs on this album are guaranteed Iron Maiden quality! (Picture)
  2. 80s hair / glam metal covers in general. Or what do you think about this Poison’s “Look What the Cat Dragged In” cover picture? (Picture) There might be a few exceptions, but mainly they’re quite tacky. But in a funny way!
  3. Social Distortion – White Light, White Heat, White Trash. The cover itself isn’t so bad, it’s the doll in the picture that’s just really creepy! (Picture)

Of course, you can always google the original cover of the Type O Negative’s album “The Origin of the Feces” that I mentioned earlier. That might be the worst album cover ever.

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