30 DMC: Day 13

Day 13 – Favourite Jazz Album

Unlucky number 13… Now it feels like it really is! I couldn’t come up with any album that was even close to jazz so I had to google the most famous jazz albums… I thought if I saw their names I might recognise some of them. But Google didn’t help much, in search results only Miles Davis sounded distantly familiar to me. The other names that were listed there didn’t ring any bell. The Jazz Resource lists 25 top jazz albums, and here the first five of them are in order: 1. Kind of Blues – Miles Davis 2. A Love Supreme – John Coltrane 3. Time Out – The Dave Brubeck Quartet 4. Ellington at Newport – Duke Ellington 5. Jazz at Massey Hall – The Quintet. Do you know any of them? Don’t worry, me neither! So I have to admit that I was unable to name my favourite album this time. Maybe I need to give it a try, here’s the most played track from Miles Davis:

Ok, this might need a bit more time…

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