30 DMC: Day 15

Day 15 – Album You Used to Love But Now Hate

Album Cover from Wikipedia.
Album Cover from Wikipedia.

Maybe “hate” is a bit too strong word to use in this case. I prefer naming an album I used to listen but don’t do so anymore. I guess i could actually name an album from Finnish metal band called Sentenced and their album “Crimson”. Years ago I used to listen to that album a lot, but then there was this time when I saw one of their live gigs in a local festival. And it really didn’t work out, at all, their show I mean. The singer even forgot the lyrics! Of course, it’s only that one time I’ve seen them live, but unfortunately for me, that ruined the band’s music for good. Nowadays I think the atmosphere in this album is too desperate and dark for me, so I probably wouldn’t listen to it anymore anyway. But I don’t totally hate it, I just prefer my heavy metal with a groovier tunes!

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