30 DMC: Day 20

It’s already the 20th day of the challenge, 10 more to go!

Day 20 – Favourite Album From the 60’s

Album Cover picture from here.
Album Cover picture from here.

Do I know any album from the 60s..? Let me think. Mmm no. Or that was my first thought. But again Google was my friend with today’s challenge, and I found a list of “The NME Greatest Albums of The 60’s” on Rocklist webpage. Well, there was obviously an album by the Beatles. And Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones. The Stooges. And The Velvet Underground. Dusty Springfield. Pink Floyd. The Byrds. The Doors. The Who and Pink Floyd. And even Led Zeppelin’s album “II” was released in the 60s, I thought it was later! And I do know the names of these bands, amazing! I’ve listened at least the Doors and Led Zeppelin, actually some songs from both of them are currently on my playlist. Which one is my favourite then? Actually, my favourite Doors album is from the 70s, so cannot name that one now. So my choice is Led Zeppelin – II, which was released in October 1969, including the great tracks like “Whole Lotta Love”, “Living Loving Maid” and “Moby Dick”.

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