30 DMC: Day 25

Day 25 – Favourite Album of 2014

This was an easy one, since I last year there was one album that was absolutely over the others: Sólstafir – Ótta.

Picture from here.
Picture from here.

Actually, I could’ve named Sólstafir also easily as one of my favourite artists. I loved the band’s earlier album Svartir Sandar, too, but Ótta was something even more. It isn’t an easy album to approach at first, but it’ll reward you for your patience. Ótta got great reviews also from the critics. Sólstafir makes music that is described as Icelandic heathen metal on their record label, Season of Mist, website. Here’s what they have to say about Ótta:

“SÓLSTAFIR’s music is as much the product of Arctic blizzards as of red hot volcanic magma, erupting geysers, lush green pastures, and salty waves. With “Ótta” the Icelanders touch something ancient and timeless, while defying easy categorisation. This album needs to be heard again and again to peel back layers of details, each different and yet always revealing the same: great songs – all of them.”

For me Sólstafir’s music is an inspiration, it’s deeply emotional, and I have no words to describe it, it must be heard. So here’s my favourite track from Ótta:

But in fact, all the songs on Ótta are amazing, so just listen to the entire album.

Also, I wrote about the band earlier in my blog here.

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