30 DMC: Day 24

Day 24 - Favourite Album From the 00's Mission impossible to decide just one album this time either, so I listed my nine favourite albums of the 00s in no particular order. HIM - Love Metal (2003). Been a fan since their first album, though the later albums never rocked my world in the same … Continue reading 30 DMC: Day 24

30 DMC: Day 23

Day 23 - Favourite Album From the 90's Basically, you cannot start talking about music of the 90s without mentioning Nirvana’s legendary album Nevermind (1991), which practically defines music of the whole decade. With over 30 million worldwide sold copies the album brought grunge to mainstream audience. Kurt Cobain was a true rock star with a sad story. He … Continue reading 30 DMC: Day 23